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Movie Talk German

Movie Talk German

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Interactive Video Language Learning for Advanced Learners

Movie Talk is an innovation in language learning which makes the most of technological advances. Available for learning French, Italian, German, English and Spanish, this series includes a full length movie which can be watched with or without the script.

There are various games to improve your memory, grammar and spelling, as well as a TV quiz and the opportunity to record your voice and include yourself in the movie.

Designed for people with advanced language skills, this DVD-ROM helps you to push back your learning boundaries further than you believed possible.

Advanced German is an innovation in language learning which gives you a starring role in a big screen movie. Thanks to the latest cutting edge technology, you can take part in an episode of the hugely popular German series, 'Ein Fall für Zwei', and learn German as it's really spoken.

You can:

  • Become Dr Voss, Matula and other characters by replacing their voices with yours as the movie rolls.
  • Choose your favorite scene and re-record it giving yourself the best lines!
  • Play a virtual reality game show against an on-screen competitor to test your knowledge of the film - and the language.
  • Listen to a line of dialogue and score points if you can second guess what the next character says.
  • Discover new games and visual tricks hidden in the program which are designed to help you learn.
  • Enjoy all the action, thrills and suspense of one of Germany's best dramas from beginning to end.

Designed for people with intermediate or advanced German, this DVD-ROM helps you push back your learning boundaries further than you believed possible. Why not join us for a screen test?

Running time: 60 minutes

System Requirements ~ Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Mac OS 9 or X

Computer: Color display, sound, DVD-ROM drive. microphone (recommended).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a DVD-ROM and it is can only be used on a computer - NOT a DVD Video Player. Also, your computer must have a DVD-ROM reader - not just a CD-ROM reader.