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Modern Tagalog

Modern Tagalog

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Grammatical Explanations and Exercises for Non-native Speakers

Modern Tagalog expands on the descriptions and lessons in Dr. Ramos' Tagalog Structures and is illustrated with numerous new examples.

This volume will be valuable for all students of Tagalog as a foreign language who have advanced beyond the beginning level. It provides further practice on points ranging from phonology to syntax.

Although the emphasis of the exercises is on written work, many of them may be used for oral drill as well.

The grammatical exercises are arranged systematically from simple to complex structures; mastery of these structures is especially important for the understanding of the relationship between grammar and meaning.

Teresita V. Ramos holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Hawaii where she is professor and coordinator of Filipino language and literature. Resty M. Cena taught Tagalog at the University of Hawaii and is currently developing programs for computer-assisted instruction in Tagalog.

Paperback Book, 173 pages