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New College German Dictionary

New College German Dictionary

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Over 220,000 references on 1520 pages!

This New College German Dictionary from Langenscheidt has been completely revised especially for the English-speaking user. It has the following features:

  • Provides the pronunciation and stress of the German entry
  • States the genitive and plural of German nouns
  • Indicates whether a German verb is conjugated with "haben" or "sein"
  • Gives Irregular Verb forms
  • Includes a great number of up-to-date words and phrases from many areas, such as politics, ecology, and transportation
  • Attaches great importance to the language of everyday speech
  • Contains a wide field of specialist vocabulary, e.g. medical and economic
  • Gives idiomatic expressions and shows words in their specific context
  • Take full account of American English

This is a large, desk dictionary.

Hardcover Book, 1520 pages