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Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

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250,000 translations cover all area in depth!

From the World's Most Trusted Dictionaries: Oxford's authoritative guide to contemporary French.

This dictionary provides instant lookup in a pop-up window and gives you access to 250,000 translations that cover all areas in depth. Includes 175,000 words, phrases and definitions from general to technical, business to literary.

Want to get the translation of a word fast? Just double click on it - in virtually any application - and the translation in English appears instantly on your screen. And not only the translation. You also get examples of use of the word and some idiomatic expressions using the word! It's fantastic - much, much faster than trying to look up the word in a paper dictionary.

In addition, you can INSTANTLY translate words on a web page! Just move your cursor over any word on a French web site and the translation in English appears on the screen.

This is a really neat program at a great price!

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