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Outrageous Japanese

Outrageous Japanese

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Slang, Curses and Epithets

The Japanese are extraordinarily polite, soft-spoken, and tend toward vagueness and evasiveness in their speech and manner. Right? Wrong? Well, not always.

Japanese can be just as explicit, just as cutting, vicious, vile, and downright vulgar as anyone could or would care to believe. In this Jack Seward gem, page after page of threats, taunts, curses, and ridicule sets the story straight and leaves no taboo untouched.

Discover oddities such as tonji (pig child) and daruma-geisha (round bottomed geisha). Learn the descriptive equivalents for lecherous devil, deadbeat, or tub of lard, and arm yourself with phrases such as "Drop dead, you old fool" or "What sewer did you crawl out of?"

Fun and instructive, this book is perfect for students of all levels as well as readers interested in Japanese. And for those of a practical mind with something that needs saying, try saying it-outrageously!

Since 1941 Jack Seward has been involved with ,he Japanese language as student, teacher, and author of more than 30 books. He has also been a lecturer on Japanese culture and communication as well as a professional interpreter and translator. In 1986 the Emperor of Japan awarded Seward the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Third Class, for his efforts. Seward now lives in his native Texas with his Japanese wife.

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains some vulgar expressions. If you are easily offended, please do not buy this book!

Paperback Book, 104 pages