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Oxford Chinese Mini Dictionary

Oxford Chinese Mini Dictionary

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15,000 words and phases in a handy pocket-sized dictionary

Here is an easy-to-use, portable dictionary for anyone who needs a quick resource on the Chinese language, offering an ultra-clear layout that helps you find the translation you need when you need it.

The volume includes thousands of essential words, phrases, and translations; thousands of examples drawn from real-life situations; and headwords in simplified Chinese script as well as in Roman letters to aid lookup and to show Mandarin pronunciation.

New to this edition is a highly useful phrasefinder that provides an instant safety net when you travel, providing super-fast access to all the words and expressions you need for everyday situations--shopping, traveling, asking for directions, or finding a place to stay--including a superb menu guide. The phrasefinder is also available as an mp3 download, ideal for practicing pronunciation while traveling.

This volume also includes an explanation of the different pronunciation tones in Mandarin Chinese and a guide to looking up Chinese characters. Whether studying, working, or traveling through China, this is an ideal dictionary for people on the go.

Paperback Book, 656 pages, 3-1/10 x 4-1/2