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Pocket Italian Grammar

Pocket Italian Grammar

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A Comprehensive Guide to Current Usage and Word Power

This modern companion to the Italian language consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 is a concise reference grammar, containing information on nouns, articles, prepositions, descriptive adjectives, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and degrees of comparison
  • Part 2 prepares the reader for effective communication: social formulas, giving information, requests and thanks, feelings, opinions and discussions, social strategies, silence and gestures, using the phone, personal and commercial correspondence, writing essays, and more
  • Part 3 provides real word power by offering selective glossaries, special vocabularies, common irregular verbs, and tense sequence with the subjunctive

This book is meant to meet the needs of English-speaking learners and users of Italian.

Paperback Book, vinyl cover, 516 pages

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