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Pocket Medical Dictionary

Pocket Medical Dictionary

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Diccionario Médico de Bolsillo Español-Inglés Inglés-Español

Now available — a portable pocket-sized version of McElroy and Grabb's highly successful Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary.

This handy reference will help non-Spanish-speaking physicians and other health care providers communicate with Spanish-speaking patients with greater precision and ease.

The book contains over 12,000 terms and includes a section on common medical abbreviations. Appendices include Communicating with Patients; Common Medical Disorders—Signs, Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments; Systems of Measurements; and Verb Tables.

With the portable, pocket-sized version of McElroy and Grabb's highly popular Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary, you'll never be at a loss for words. Whether in the hospital, in the office, or working in the community, this handy reference enables you to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.

Features to Help You Understand and communicate in Spanish:

  • Assistance with Spanish sounds helps you be understood.
  • Guide to Spanish grammar assists you in your ability to speak correctly.
  • A to Z organization lets you to find terms quickly.

Valuable Appendices - The dictionary's appendices give you the right words and phrases to deal with a broad range of medical situations. Among the appendices, you'll find. . . "

  • Questioning the patient
  • Medical history
  • Common medical specialties
  • Ambulance and emergency room
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Medical tests
  • Medications
  • Weights and measurements

Softcover Book, 657 pages