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English Verbs

English Verbs

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An in-Depth Exploration of English Verbs

The verb is the heart of every single sentence. But this aspect of grammar can be difficult for students studying English for the first time. A minor alteration in verb form can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Once you master verb usage, you'll be on your way to speaking and writing English as if it were your native language.

This book, Practice Maker Perfect English Verbs takes you through the various verb forms, beginning with the present and past tenses and concluding with more complex forms such as imperative, passive and conditional. Each section of this book includes numerous exercises to help you incorporate English verbs into your speech and writing.

Carefully organized to meet the needs of students of English as a second language, this easy-to-follow workbook provides:

  • Clearly written, comprehensive overviews of verb tenses and meanings
  • Dozens of practical exercises to help you perfect verb usage
  • Chart of irregular verbs
  • Special chapters on imperative conditional and passive sentences.

More than just a guide to help you remember English verb tenses, this practical, insightful book aids you in understanding how and why certain verb forms are used. Under the guidance of Practice Makes Perfect English Verbs you'll move beyond the basics and master the subtleties that come natural to native speakers.

Paperback Book, 184 pages