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Pocket Menu Reader Germany

Pocket Menu Reader Germany

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A Gastronomic Dictionary/Phrasebook

Are you the kind of tourist who, wherever you go in the world, always ends up in the same kind of restaurant? What a shame! You could be missing out on some great culinary experiences. Treat yourself to some exciting new sensations by finding places that serve good German, Austrian or Swiss food!

This handy book is the perfect companion for your fun-filled trip to Germany:
• Contains more than 1,500 English and German words with translations and pronunciations
• Includes a comprehensive treatment of German cuisine
• An alphabetical list of dishes, recipes, specialties, and culinary terms
• A gourmet's selection of mouthwatering German recipes to try out when you return from your trip to Germany

For those who want to make their visit to Germany more than just the superficial visit of the unprepared traveler, this guide provides any of the precious insights of the discerning connoisseur, who knows just what to select and how to appreciate the very best wherever he or she goes.

Paperback book with sturdy vinyl cover