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Phrasal Verb Dictionary

Phrasal Verb Dictionary

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Understand American English Better by Mastering its Phrasal Verbs

What's a phrasal verb? Phrasal verbs are sometimes called "two word" verbs - they combine a verb with either an adverb or preposition. Phrasal verbs are idiomatic. Here's two examples: call up or call on.

This authoritative reference offers thousands of American English phrasal verbs, two-word verbs, prepositional verbs, and verbs that are used together. Entries include definitions and examples of phrasal verbs used in context.

With help from McGraw-Hill's Essential American Phrasal Verbs Dictionary, you will become familiar with English as it is used in the media, at work, around the house, and in everyday conversations.

This knowledge will help you comprehend English as it is spoken in the United States and add variety to your word usage.

Inside you will find:

  • 1,800 entries with examples of everyday usage
  • The latest phrasal verbs used in the American lexicon
  • Fun illustrations that show the humor of taking expressions too literally

Paperback book, 246 pages