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Russian Grammar & Verbs

Russian Grammar & Verbs

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Clear & Simple Explanations designed for beginners and intermediate students

This guide to Russian grammar and verbs provides clear & simple explanations of today's written and spoken Russian.

Comprehensive & easy to use, covering all the important points of Russian grammar, it is suitable for use with any Russian Language course. Thousands of examples show how the language works. Detailed tables of regular and irregular Russian verbs feature clear explanations & an easy-access design.

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Covers all the key points of Russian grammar
  • Clear and simple explanations
  • Thousands of examples
  • All grammatical terms explained in a glossary
  • Detailed tables of regular and irregular Russian verbs

Terence Wade, the author, is Emeritus Professor and Research Fellow in Russian Studies at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.