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Reading & Writing Chinese - Traditional Characters

Reading & Writing Chinese - Traditional Characters

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Chinese Writing System

Reading & Writing Chinese has been the standard text for foreign students of the Chinese writing system since it was first published in 1978. This completely revised edition draws on the lessons learned from the use of this book in classrooms so as to provide a more convenient and up-to-date introduction to the Chinese writing system. Over 1,000 new combinations of characters have been added, increasing the total vocabulary significantly to about 4,500 items. There are also 70 new notes on usage to give students insight into the contemporary state of the language.

For each of the basic 1,062 characters, the pronunciation, definition and derivation are given, with examples of the use of most words and a chart showing how to write each character. Memorization tips and cautionary cross-references to the look-alike characters are also provided, as well as notes to help clarify those often overlooked aspects of the Chinese writing system.

Softcover Book, 348 pages

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