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Spanish Among Amigos Phrasebook

Spanish Among Amigos Phrasebook

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Conversation for the Socially Adventurous

Shake it Up in Spanish with a Little Help from Your friends

Looking to break the ice in Barcelona? Flirt in Fajardo? If you want to connect with Spanish speakers, then get in on the conversation with your instant amigas, Pepa and Pili, and experience the real-world rhythm of everyday Spanish.

Join the party and learn hundreds of expressions with their formal, informal, and “downtown” variations including tips on how and when to use them.

So, if you want to mingle in Madrid, then you'll want to know how to say…
¿Eres de Madrid? Are you from Madrid?
¿Estudias o trabajas? Are you studying or working?
¿Te importa si me siento aquí? Do you mind if I sit here?
¿Estás libre esta tarde? Are you free this afternoon?

Paperback Book, 188 pages