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Advanced Spanish Basics Part 1 - DVD

Advanced Spanish Basics Part 1 - DVD

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The Standard Deviants team is a 19-time Telly Award Winner for Best Educational Videos.

Do you have a little bit of background with the Spanish language, but want to build on that foundation? Then ¡Estes el programa para ti! (translation: This is the program for you!)

First, the award-winning Standard Deviants will review the basics of Spanish, like gender, agreement, conjugation—all the stuff you should already know.

Then they’ll go over irregular verbs, new verb constructions, making comparisons, adverbs, prepositions, direct and indirect object pronouns, and even prepositional pronouns.

In short, a whole bunch of stuff. This program is also chock full of fun scenes and conversations that will help you master the concepts covered.

The Standard Deviants Advanced Spanish Building on the Basics covers: review, gender, masculine, feminine, definite articles, indefinite articles, demonstrative adjectives, subject pronouns, possessive adjectives, verbs, infinitives, conjugation, present tense, adjectives, agreement, the impersonal hay, irregular verbs, conjugation patterns, stem-changing verbs, the present progressive tense, the immediate future tense, helping verbs, present participles, irregular present progressives, comparisons, más + adjective + que, menos + adjective + que, tan + adjective + como, adverbs, -mente ending, prepositions, direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, prepositional pronouns, the personal a, pronoun placement, multiple pronouns.

Running Time: About 1 hr, 30 minutes