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Advanced Spanish Verbs Part 2- DVD

Advanced Spanish Verbs Part 2- DVD

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The Standard Deviants team is a 19-time Telly Award Winner for Best Educational Videos.

Get ready to explore one of the most dynamic, festive, and wondrous parts of speech, in Spanish or any other language—the fabulous verb!

In the course of this DVD, the award-winning Standard Deviants will teach you all about modal and reflexive verbs, and expose you to a bunch of new tenses that are going to help you express yourself in the distant past, the future, and all the points in between.

They’ll also introduce you to the concept of mood, the subjunctive, and even show you how to boss people around! By the end of this DVD, you'll have learned SIXTY-FOUR new verbs. This program is also chock full of fun scenes and conversations that will help you master the concepts covered.

The Standard Deviants Advanced Spanish: Verbs DVD covers modal verbs, ir + a + infinitive, poder + infinitive, querer + infinitive, deber + infinitive, tener que + infinitive, the reflexive, reflexive pronouns, reflexive verbs, the preterite tense, preterite conjugations, using the preterite tense, irregulars in the preterite, the imperfect tense, using the imperfect tense, imperfect conjugations, irregulars in the imperfect, the present perfect tense, the helping verb haber, forming the present perfect, past participles, the subjunctive, mood, forming the subjunctive, irregulars in the subjunctive, using the subjunctive, verbs and phrases of volition, commands, formal commands, irregular formal commands, using object pronouns with commands, informal commands, positive informal commands, negative informal commands, irregular informal commands forms, the future tense, building the future tense, using the future tense, irregulars in the future tense, expressing probability

Running Time: About 1 hr, 30 minutes