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French Beyond the Basics - Part 2- DVD

French Beyond the Basics - Part 2- DVD

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The Standard Deviants team is a 19-time Telly Award Winner for Best Educational Videos.

So, you already know the French alphabet and pronunciation? Now it's time to learn even more. With Parlez-vous Français: Beyond The Basics, the Standard Deviants will teach you more complex topics, such as articles, idioms, past tense, demonstrative adjectives, and much more.

This video is sure to help you learn the most difficult concepts in the French language and have you packing your bags for Paris in no time! (Formerly titled "French 2 DVD")

The Standard Deviants DVD: Parlez-vous Français: Beyond The Basics covers: Lots of vocabulary, communication tips, café conversation, articles, describing parts vs. the whole, the verb "prendre", greetings, common questions, review conversations, describing yourself, the verbs: "boire", "dire", "pouvoir", "vouloir", idioms and "y", irregular verbs, adjectives, adverbs, shopping conversation, direct objects, indirect objects, verb stems and cognates, past tense, past participles, demonstrative adjectives, reflexives, the pronoun "en", "-re" and "-ir" verbs.

Running Time: About 1 hr, 45 minutes