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Spanish School Super Pack

Spanish School Super Pack

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The Standard Deviants team is a 19-time Telly Award Winner for Best Educational Videos. A set of 13 videos plus a computer CD-ROM!

Add some salsa to your Spanish class with the Standard Deviants! Textbooks are great–but they can’t help your students develop an ear for the language! From the Spanish alphabet to simple verb conjugation, Standard Deviants School Super Pack is the perfect way to introduce new sections, improve trouble areas or review for an exam.

Each Standard Deviants School Module includes public performance rights and a companion CD-ROM packed with robust supplementary materials: Lesson plans, viewing guides, teacher reference guides, students activities, worksheets and tests.

Academic Team:Co-written by Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, Ph.D. of George Mason University and Delores Gomez-Moran, M.A. of George Mason University.

Topics Covered:

Volume 1: Vocabulary,The Spanish Alphabet. Pronunciation of Vowels, Cognates, Pronunciation of Tricky Consonants, Diphthongs. Review

Volume 2: Vocabulary, Capitalization, Pronouns, Proper Nouns, Names, People's Titles, Book Titles, Written Accents, Review

Volume 3: 1-20, 21-100, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Number & Gender Rules, Review

Volume 4: Vocabulary, Greetings and Goodbyes, Nicities, Getting to Know People, Question Marks/Exclamation Points, Review

Volume 5: Nouns, Articles & Gender, Vocabulary, Definite & Indefinite Articles, Second-Person Pronouns, First-Person Pronouns, Third-Person Pronouns, Review

Volume 6: Vocabulary, Using "Ser", Differences between "Ser" and "Estar", Conjugating "Ser", Using "Estar", Conjugating "Estar", Practice Sentences, Review

Volume 7: Vocabulary, Expressing the Time, Expressing the Date, Weeks, Months & Seasons, Review

Volume 8: Vocabulary, Expressing the Weather with "Hacer", Expressing the Weather with "Estar", Using the Gerund Form of a Verb to Express Weather Conditions, Practice Sentences, Review

Volume 9: Vocabulary, Adjectives and Gender, Adjectives and Number, Adjective Placement, Practice Sentences, Review

Volume 10: Vocabulary, "This" and "These" ("Este" and "Esta"), "That" and "Those" ("Ese" and "Esa"), "That over there" and "Those over there" ("Aquel" and "Aquella"), Practice Sentences, Review

Volume 11: "-Ar" Verbs in the Present Tense, Vocabulary, Conjugating "-Ar" Verbs, Practice Sentences, "-Er" Verbs in the Present Tense, Vocabulary, Conjugating "-Er" Verbs, Practice Sentences, "-Ir" Verbs in the Present Tense, Vocabulary, Conjugating "-Ir" Verbs, Practice Sentences, Review

Volume 12: Vocabulary, Conjugating "Tener", Uses of "Tener", Conjugating "Querer", Uses of "Querer", Negation
Constructing Negative Sentences, Review

Volume 13: Vocabulary, Using Possessive Adjectives, Singular Forms, Plural Forms, Agreement, Practice Sentences, Review

Running Time: 2 hours, 54 Minutes

On VHS Tape, 13 cassettes