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Spanish for Medical Personnel

Spanish for Medical Personnel

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A Basic Guide to Translating Spanish to Commonly Encountered Problems in Medical Care

This self-study book provides an easy reference for all health care workers. This is a basic guide providing translations to Spanish for many commonly encountered problems in health care.

This book offers the reader the Spanish names of commonly seen problems in the clinical setting. It contains Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish vocabularies, which help readers understand common medical complaints, in addition to terms related to anatomy & physiology.

  • Dialogues in English and in Spanish
  • Spanish-to-English vocabulary
  • English-to-Spanish vocabulary
  • Common medical complaints in English and in Spanish
  • Anatomy and physiology in English and in Spanish
  • Review exercises in every chapter

The author, Janet E. Meizel, is at the University of California, School of Medicine at Davis, Family Practice Program.

Paperback Book, 336 Pages