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Spanish for Pediatric Medicine

Spanish for Pediatric Medicine

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A Practical Communication Guide

This easy-to-use manual is designed to help you enhance communication with Spanish-speaking children and parents. The guide is a quick reference to help you identify and explore medical problems in well-child, sick visit, and emergency department settings.

Organized by "visits" per the updated Guidelines for Health Supervision III (includes a new periodicity schedule and new AAP policy statements), the guide shows English-to-Spanish translations side by side for quick, precise use in patient conversations.

This manual includes English-to-Spanish translations for

  • Commonly used expressions
  • Stage visits, which can be used with Guidelines for Health Supervision III
  • Body systems
  • Emergency department visits
  • Special issues
  • And other pertinent patient encounters

This update includes

  • New information on safety, immunization and laboratory considerations, and nutrition
  • Current immunization schedule
  • English-to-Spanish glossary of medical terms

This handy manual is spiral-bound for easy use. It lies flat at any page.