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Streetwise German

Streetwise German

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Speak and Understand Colloquial German. German that goes beyond the textbook!

Have you always wanted tratschen (to gab) like a native but were afraid you'd sound doof (stupid)? Machen's Ihnen nix draus! (Don't Worry!) Streetwise German is the oberaffengeil (really cool) and puppig (very easy) way to learn colloquial German.

With its 15 humorous, down-to-earth dialogues, Streetwise German is chock-full of colloquial language, slang, and vulgar expressions that are usually understood only by Germans and Austrians. It also includes an extensive Thematic Dictionary, grouping informal words and expressions by topic.

Exercises and brief grammar notes help learners practice their informal German and understand the ways in which streetwise grammar differs from the formal German studied in school.

Whether you're a student, businessman, or tourist, you'll enjoy learning language usually reserved just for Müslifressern (granola munchers = Southern Germans) and Fischkopfen (fish heads = Northern Germans).