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Spanish Grammar in Review

Spanish Grammar in Review

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Fear Spanish Grammar no more and Conquer your Language-Learning Obstacles

Spanish Grammar in Review is a practical guide to Spanish grammar for learners at all levels. More than just a grammar text, this language resource uses a workbook approach to help you develop communication skills and express yourself in Spanish with confidence.

Organized in eight sections for ease of use, Spanish Grammar in Review offers you:

  • Specific learning goals that focus your attention on effective ways to master Spanish structures
  • Clear, concrete examples that illustrate the more difficult aspects of Spanish grammar
  • A vocabulary list and a glossary of grammatical terms
  • Write-in exercises to reinforce each new grammar concept and improve your Spanish proficiency

The Easy-to-use, comprehensive title covers topics such as:

  • Regular and irregular Verbs in all tenses and moods
  • The usage differences between words such as ser vs estar, para vs por
  • Reflexive verbs and stem-changing verbs
  • Verbs meaning "to become"
  • The uses of se
  • The subjunctive in "if" clauses
  • And Many More

If Spanish grammar has left you frustrated, Spanish Grammar in Review will give you the guidance your studies desperately need. Its straightforward format and comprehensive content make this a perfect supplement to your class work or the ideal self-learning tool. You will no longer be intimidated by Spanish grammar and instead gain the confidence to communicate in Spanish freely and comfortably.

ISBN 0-07-141416-9