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Spanish for Human Resource Managers

Spanish for Human Resource Managers

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This book will help you interview prospective employees whose first language is Spanish

With increasing numbers of non-English-speaking Hispanics entering the work force and making positive contributions in business and industry, it's important for company personnel managers to know a few fundamentals of spoken Spanish, along with appropriate Spanish phrases to cover the specialized vocabulary used in personnel offices.

This book helps to:

  • Explain company benefits
  • Name items in the workplace
  • Explain job duties
  • Conduct a training program
  • Teach business vocabulary
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • And much more

This book provides basic Spanish instruction that avoids the drudgery of formal grammar training. It includes helpful dialogues that simulate bilingual interviewing and job instruction.

If you work in the field of human resources but have no knowledge of Spanish, this book is a good place to start learning. Author William C. Harvey uses an informal approach that makes learning easy. You don't have to memorize rules of grammar or study parts of speech. You simply learn how to say the words and phrases you need for your workplace - then learn how to understand their answers when you hear them in Spanish.