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Lyric Language Spanish

Lyric Language Spanish

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Bilingual Music Action Video

Lyric Language is the world's most popular bilingual music program for children of all ages ... because it makes learning fun! Lyric Language Spanish combines the famous animated Family Circus characters with live action adventures. Lyrics are clearly subtitled on the screen in English and in Spanish.

Children listen or sing along, easily learning new words and phrases quickly and effortlessly. Perfect for ESL students, too! This package includes a 35 minute video cassette with 11 songs in stereo. Song titles include: At the Zoo, At the Beach, At the Supermarket, Happy Birthday to You, The Rain, The Seasons, The Days of the Week, The Night, The Alphabet, I wish I could Fly, and Jump Rope.

Your children will love this video and beg you to play it for them again and again.

Suitable for age 3 to adult VHS FORMAT ONLY, Running time 40 minutes