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Spanish Now Level 1 - Book with 4 Audio CDs

Spanish Now Level 1 - Book with 4 Audio CDs

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Textbook, Workbook and Audio CD Package

The updated 7th edition of this combination textbook and workbook is designed as an introduction to Spanish for classroom use.

The emphasis is on oral proficiency—conversational speaking and listening comprehension—but the authors also present detailed instruction in the fundamentals of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing in Spanish.

The book is filled with exercises and answers, true-to-life dialogues, humorous cartoons, illustrations of Hispanic art, and photos that capture the flavor of Spanish culture in Spain and Latin America.

In this new edition, the lessons have been enriched with subtopics to enhance conversational speech.

Also new with this edition are four compact discs that have been updated in content, and which replace the previously available tape cassettes. This audio component supplements the book, providing valuable instruction in listening comprehension and correct pronunciation of spoken Spanish.

A detachable teacher’s manual is included in this volume.