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Spanish Picture Dictionary

Spanish Picture Dictionary

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Over 1,400 Key Words and Phrases for the Perfect Head Start in Spanish

McGraw-Hill's Spanish Picture Dictionary helps your children discover their unique and remarkable ability to pick up a new language easily. Kids build their Spanish vocabulary through the book's charming illustrations of more than 1,400 objects, people, ideas, and actions familiar to their everyday world - including home, the neighborhood, the classroom, the playground, family and friends, and much more.

Perfect for children ages four to nine, this dictionary introduces each entry with a colorful picture that kids will recognize and its Spanish word next to the illustration. Young readers will make the connection between the drawing and the word, helping them remember and use their new vocabulary correctly while speaking with others. The fun and vibrant illustrations will keep children interested while they learn.

Based on standards of the leading US primary-school Spanish program, McGraw-Hill's Spanish Picture Dictionary also includes key phrases for children's basic Spanish conversations.

Kids will learn how to:

  • Make Introductions
  • State their Age
  • Describe what they are wearing
  • Talk about the weather
  • And other conversational skills

In addition, a complete glossary and index include easy-to-follow pronunciation guides for every illustrated term and phrase.

Kids will find the Spanish Picture Dictionary fun and enjoyable - and you will appreciate the head start they get at becoming skilled Spanish speakers in the coming years.

Hardback Book, 96 Pages, Bilingual in both English and Spanish