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Streetwise Spanish

Streetwise Spanish

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Speak and Understand Colloquial Spanish. Spanish that goes beyond the textbook!

So you want to be en la onda (in the sound wave = with it) with everyday Spanish, but feel como cocodrilo en fábrica de carteras (like a crocodile in a wallet factory = afraid) that you'll meter la pata (put in the paw = put your foot in your mouth)? Then póngase las pilas (insert your batteries = get going) with Streetwise Spanish.

From Miami to Madrid, from San Juan to Santiago, Streetwise Spanish brings you the dynamic, exuberant language that is spoken across the Hispanic world. With its thirty natural, down-to-earth dialogues - each focused on practical language functions - this book is chock-full of idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, and current slang that you'll want to use. There's also a sprinkling of more colorful terminology, should the occasion demand it!

Contextual usage and regional variations are clearly explained, cartoons and jokes provide an authentic flavor of Hispanic humor, and exercises help learners practice their informal Spanish. In addition, feature articles discuss how cultural attitudes influence the use of colloquial language.

Whether you're a student, businessperson, or tourist, you'll love enriching your Spanish with the vibrant language usually enjoyed by native speakers alone.