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Streetwise Spanish with Audio CD

Streetwise Spanish with Audio CD

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Speak and Understand Everyday Spanish

How would you ask "What's up?" in Cancun? How do they say "Don't bug me!" in Punta Cana? And how would a Spaniard tell you to "Go jump in the lake!"?

Spanish is spoken by more than 340 million people in twenty-three countries. And in each region, the people have their own special take on the language. Fortunately, with Streetwise Spanish, you can turn regional differences from "problems" into colorful expressions that add flair to your language and help you sound at home anywhere.

This audio edition of the bestselling guide takes you on a grand tour of everyday Spanish as it's spoken around the world. With the help of thirty dialogues, enacted by native speakers, it clues you in on the idioms, colloquialisms, slang, and vulgarisms currently used by Spanish speakers of all walks of life, from LA to Las Palmas, from Madrid to Manila.

The best guide to everyday Spanish, Streetwise Spanish, Audio Edition, tells you how with:

  • An audio CD featuring thirty dialogues spoken by Spanish speakers from more than fifteen countries-for authentic regional accents
  • An overview of "signature" words differentiating speakers across the Spanish-speaking world
  • Engaging exercises that let you test comprehension and fine-tune. skills
  • Vocabulary lists and a mini-dictionary

Paperback book, 320 pages with companion Audio CD