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Streetwise French with Audio CD

Streetwise French with Audio CD

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Speak and Understand Everyday French

Do you feel déphasé (out of synch) with everyday French? You don't want to appear guindé (uptight, stiff), but you also want to be sure you don't faire de gaffe (put your foot in it) when you use French slang. Then tu as du bol (you're in luck): with this book, c'est de gâteau (it's a piece of cake)!

Streetwise French with Audio CD offers you a unique opportunity to learn first-hand how French is actually spoken. With the help of more than 25 everyday dialogues performed by native speakers, you pick up on the idioms, colloquialisms, slang, and vulgarisms currently used by people from all walks of life.

Fascinating features help explain the cultural attitudes behind many expressions. And exercises enable you to flex your comprehension and conversational skills. Whether you're a student, businessperson, or tourist, you'll love enriching your French with the vibrant language usually enjoyed by native speakers alone.

Paperback Book, 228 pages with Audio CD