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Streetwise Mandarin Chinese

Streetwise Mandarin Chinese

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Speak and Understand Everyday Mandarin Chinese

The next best thing to a year abroad . . .

Streetwise Chinese with MP3 Disk offers you a unique opportunity to learn first-hand how Chinese is actually spoken.

With the help of 30 everyday dialogues performed by native speakers, you pick up on the idioms, colloquialisms, slang, and vulgarisms currently used by people from all walks of life.

Fascinating features help explain the cultural attitudes behind many expressions. And exercises enable you to flex your comprehension and conversational skills.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Greeting people; Asking how they are; Saying how you feel; Addressing each other
  • Chapter 2: Complaining; Envy, admiration
  • Chapter 3: Grumbling; Teasing
  • Chapter 4: Gossiping; Disbelief; Opinions on character
  • Chapter 5: Making friends with a girl; Flattering a girl; Self-introduction; Expressing love and affection
  • Chapter 6: Acclaiming, praising, commending; Being proud of something; Showing affection
  • Chapter 7: Asking and giving directions; Saving from getting lost; Asking for a person; Expressing gratitude; Making modest remarks; Making a friend
  • Chapter 8: Issuing orders; Making a request
  • Chapter 9: Bargaining; Complacency
  • Chapter 10: Betting; Arguing; Boasting; Bragging
  • Chapter 11: Taking a trip; Throwing a party
  • Chapter 12: Worrying; Persuading, advising; Encouraging; Convincing, reasoning
  • Chapter 13: Blaming; Criticizing; Explaining
  • Chapter 14: Getting angry; Advising; Comforting
  • Chapter 15: Quarreling
  • Answers to Exercises
  • Indexes

Includes one 80-minute MP3 disk. Please note that this disk does NOT play in an audio CD player. It must be downloaded to an MP3 player such as iPod or any audio device that decodes MP3 files.

Includes 372-page Book and one MP3 Audio Disk.