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The REAL German You Were Never Taught in School

If you think you have a fairly good command of German, think again! For it's a sure bet that Frau Schultz never taught you those nasty little guttural curses and humiliating invectives so expressive of real German speech.

But relax - here at last is the one book that can introduce you to the very worst beer-hall German. Scheisse! is an indispensable guide to the off-color German colloquialisms and profanities - lascivious bedroom slang and boozy insults, jeering scatological put-downs and scurrilous ridicule.

This hilariously illustrated cornucopia of creative expletives, guaranteed to vex, taunt, aggravate, and provoke as only overwrought German can, will help you master the fine art of German verbal abuse - with triumphant one-upmanship.

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains some vulgar and insulting expressions. If you are easily offended, please do not buy this book!

Paperback Book, 126 pages