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Street French 1

Street French 1

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The Best of French Slang

Oh, la vache! Le voleur s'est fait épingler par le flic!
Literally: Oh, the cow! That thief got stapled by the cop!
Translation: Wow! That thief got nabbed by the cop!

Sacré bleu! Even after years of trying to learn French, you still have trouble conversing with a native speaker. Why? Because everyday French is filled with slang and colloquialisms.

Street French 1 is the first in a series of slang/idiom books that teach you how to speak and understand the real language used daily on the street, in homes, offices, stores, and among family and friends.

Entertaining dialogues, word games and drills, crossword puzzles, word searches, and "inside" tips will have you sounding like a native in no time at all.

Softcover Book, 251 pages

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