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Street French 2

Street French 2

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The Best of French Idioms

If a French native were to offer you une assiette au beurre (a plate of butter) or invite you to faire du lèche-vitrine (to go window licking), you might not know whether to accept - that is, unless you have read this book in David Burke's Street French series.

Street French 2 explores yet another "inside" language that must be mastered in order to be considered truly fluent in French: idioms - those quaint and quirky expressions that can't be understood literally but are used in every conceivable conversational situation.

Now you can learn the best of French idioms through entertaining word games, dialogues, crossword puzzles, find-a-word grids, and special tips guaranteed to make you au jus (up-to-date, literally juiced up) in no time!

Softcover book, 268 pages

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