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Street Spanish 1

Street Spanish 1

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The Best of Spanish Slang

If a native Spanish speaker were to tell you that the pez gordo (fat fish) met a merengue (meringue) with lots of pasta (noodles) who is going to become his media naranja (half an orange), you may not know whether to offer your condolences or your congratulations - that is, unless you've read this first book in David Burke's Street Spanish series.

Street Spanish 1 lets you quickly become an insider by presenting some of the most popular slang terms used throughout the many Spanish-speaking countries. With the help of entertaining dialogues, word games and drills, crossword puzzles, and word searches, you'll finally be able to understand the everyday language used on the street, in homes, offices, stores, and among family and friends.

Softcover book, 232 pages

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