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Street Spanish Slang

Street Spanish Slang

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Dictionary and Thesaurus

While asking for directions, if a native speaker of Spanish were to tell you not to "eat your coconut" (comerse el coco) just because some "large onion" (cebollón) told you that your destination was 'in the fifth pine tree" (en el quinto pino), you may not know whether to continue on your way or just give up and turn back - that is, unless you've read David Burke's latest book in his Street Spanish series.

The Street Slang Dictionary & Thesaurus offers English equivalents and usage tips for over one thousand Spanish terms, including slang words, idioms, proverbs, colloquialisms, and vulgarities. It also offers an extensive thesaurus of naughty Spanish slang synonyms for common English words and phrases - all destined to make you feel like an insider in no time.

Softcover book, 266 pages