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Read & Think Spanish

Read & Think Spanish

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Learn the Language and Discover the Culture of the Spanish-Speaking World Through Reading

A fun, fascinating way to expand your knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures

Read & Think Spanish offers an innovative, non-intimidating approach to learning Spanish language basics. Compiled by the expert editors of Think Spanish! magazine, this book brings together 75 engaging, fully illustrated readings and articles about the life and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries organized around topics such as famous people, festivals, traditions, food, history, geography, art, sports, and music.

Key grammar points and fundamentals are highlighted, comprehension questions help reinforce new Spanish vocabulary, and an extensive bilingual glossary on each page allows you to read and learn without having to stop to look up words in a dictionary.

Throw out your boring textbooks and learn Spanish in a fun and effective way

Every language-learning program seems to have the same methodology--here is a word, here is its pronunciation and translation, now repeat. Who could expect you to learn Spanish using such a tedious, uninteresting manner?

The editors at Think Spanish! magazine have breathed life into the humdrum process of learning a new language. For advanced beginners and up, Read & Think Spanish is your ticket to building a rich Spanish vocabulary. Inside the book are more than 100 articles written in Spanish about the enchanting diversity of Latino culture--from Spain's rowdy La Tomatina festival and Argentina's passionate tango tradition to Celia Cruz, Cuba's beloved salsa singer. Each article presents new vocabulary in boldface within the article; in the margins, you will find their translations. You don't have to flip to the back of the book or a dictionary--you know right away any words unfamiliar to you. As you are reading and enjoying these articles, you are learning new Spanish vocabulary without even knowing it!

Inside the book you will find:

  • 117 articles that cover topics such as places, famous people, music, food, and more
  • Easy-to-read sidebars with new vocabulary and the English translations
  • End-of-chapter questions with an answer key in the back, so you can review and reinforce what you have learned

Take the ho-hum out of learning Spanish and discover an innovative language program that will keep you entertained along your way to Spanish proficiency!

Paperback book, 205 pages