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There's a Word for It in Mexico

There's a Word for It in Mexico

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The Complete Guide to Mexican Thought and Culture

Mexico has been described as "a country at times more foreign [to the North American mind] than anything in Asia." Now, by examining the underlying meaning of over 130 key words and expressions, this comprehensive guide provides a unique insight into the thought and culture of contemporary Mexico, illuminating the role of language, culture, and history on the character and personality of the Mexican people and their customs.

For example, who are Mexico's modern-day caballeros and who are its charras (urban cowboys)? What word has a whole dictionary devoted to its many forms, but is best avoided by foreigners? Where do amistad networks play an important role? And how is machismo now viewed in Mexican Society?

This is an ideal introduction to Mexican thought and culture, as well as a practical guide to anticipating Mexican behavior and avoiding cultural faux pas. It is the ideal companion for anyone with an interest - personal, business, or travel-in Mexico.

Paperback book, 336 pages