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Tagalog Deluxe

Tagalog Deluxe

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2 Learning Levels for learning this language PLUS an Audio CD

This user-friendly language program provides a self-paced introduction to the Tagalog language. You'll learn how to read and speak Tagalog and to understand the language quickly and easily, all in the comfort of your home or office. This interactive CD-ROM allows a student to record and compare his or her own voice to that of a native speaker. You'll learn everyday topics such as: greetings, introductions, shopping and more!

Beginner Tagalog

You'll begin with the Language Learning Beginner Tagalog. This was engineered for the effortless absorption of the fundamentals, focusing on items such as sounds, tones, phonics, alphabets and basic vocabulary used throughout any conversations. It secures your knowledge of the fundamentals through lessons that gradually increase in difficulty. It does this by blending the Tagalog with common English, and before you know it, you are already speaking Tagalog!

Everyday Tagalog

When you've worked your way through all the lessons of the Beginner course, you're ready for the Everyday program. This CD-ROM is designed to prepare you for full immersion into Tagalog, by introducing you to phrases and vocabulary you need for a wide variety of situations, from business to pleasure. Use the language navigator to choose the category to focus on - from travel to shopping and directions - so you know you'll never be at a loss for words.

Audio CD

Digital audio companion CD which you can use with any regular compact disc player.

For Windows ME/2000 (NT 4 or higher)/XP

For Macintosh System OS 9.0 or higher and Mac OS X