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The Chinese Have A Word For It

The Chinese Have A Word For It

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The Complete Guide to Chinese Thought and Culture

The Chinese have a word for it - but their language is so heavily imbued with cultural significance that it presents an extraordinary challenge for foreigners to understand. Now, by examining the underlying meaning of more than 300 key words and expressions, this comprehensive guide provides a unique insight into the thought and culture of contemporary China.

Many of these attitudes are derived from the writings of China's greatest philosophers or are based on traditional values that still remain strong, such as xin (sincerity), which encourages blank facial expressions as a means to conceal feelings. Other concepts have been generated during more recent times, such as ganjin (strength, energy), used to describe the new generation of skilled professionals and independent entrepreneurs.

This book is an ideal introduction to Chinese history, thought, and culture and also serves as a practical guide, both for appreciating the nuances of what the Chinese mean and for avoiding cultural faux pas. It is the ideal companion for anyone with an interest - personal, business or travel - in China.

Softcover Book, 506 pages