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Thai English Talking Dictionary

Thai English Talking Dictionary

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Thai-English and English-Thai Dictionary with Classifiers and Tones for English Speakers

Traveling to Thailand? Learning the Thai language? Imagine having instant access to 42,000 English and Thai entries right on your Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop or laptop computer, with high-quality sound recordings of a native speaker for every Thai word, and superb dictionary entries handcrafted with the needs of native English speakers in mind.

If you're not familiar with the Thai alphabet, you can look up Thai words by their sound, with an easy-to-use, English-like pronunciation guide. Perfect for the casual traveler or the dedicated Thai learner.

You can click on any Thai word in the dictionary to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native Thai speaking that word. Every single Thai word is accompanied by an easy-to-read, English-like pronunciation guide (also known as "Transliteration" or "Phonetics"), so you can learn to speak and recognize Thai words immediately, without needing to learn Thai script first. Our hand-edited pronunciation guides give you the tones, stress, and everything else you need to understand and to be understood.

Most dictionaries let you look up English words, and some also let you look up Thai words using Thai script. But this revolutionary three-way design bridges the gap for English speakers by introducing a third section where you can Search-by-Sound™: you can look up Thai words that you hear by their sound using the same easy-to-read pronunciation guide:

Whether you are visiting Thailand for a short while or living there, you will find most of the vocabulary used in everyday life, including basic medical, cultural, political and scientific terms.

FREE downloadable upgrade to latest edition that more than doubles the size of the dictionary from 42,000 bold entries to more than 100,000 bold entries!

On CD-ROM for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit) with 100 MB disk space and a one-time internet activation.