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The French Correction

The French Correction

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Grammatical Problems for Review and Reference

A uniquely helpful and entertaining book for anyone who knows beginner's French and would like to advance to a more confident and correct handling of the language. Using many examples and giving his basic instructions and comments in English, Susskind provides clear and detailed explanations of perennial problems as well as advice about mastering them.

This witty and instructive book, comprehensively indexed, will be indispensable as a review and reference grammar for independent study and as a supplementary text for intermediate and advanced classes.

"This useful and approachable book much to help students at the intermediate level and beyond to identify many of the more troublesome points of idiomatic French usage. It probably should be required reading in conversation and composition classes." - Jeffrey T. Chamberlain, French Review

Paperback Book, 103 pages

Language Quest Note: Sorry for the high price on this slim book, but some items from Yale Press are priced quite high.