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Thai for Lovers - Book Plus Audio CDs

Thai for Lovers - Book Plus Audio CDs

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A Complete Guide to the Romantic Culture of Thailand

Thai for Lovers is a helpful guide to your romantic
communication with Thai people. There are useful words, sentences and expressions with Thai translation throughout.

There are nine chapters: Greetings, General Conversation, Courting, Romantic Conversation, Making Love, Love Letters, Getting Married, Breaking Up and Slang.

  • Helps you to instantly express your feelings and needs in Thai
  • Provides information for people seeking romance in Thailand
  • Has commentary sections about many aspects of Thai romantic culture
  • Helps expand our Thai vocabulary in a systematic way
  • Is written in a brisk, interesting style and is well organized with clear, easy-to-read postscript fonts
  • Requires no previous knowledge of the Thai language
  • Is Fun to Use!

The learning is enhanced with with a set of 2 Audio CDs.

Paperback Book, 190 pages with 2 Audio CDs