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The Japanese Have A Word For It

The Japanese Have A Word For It

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The Complete Guide to Japanese Thought and Culture

Language was for centuries used as a barrier to prevent the non-Japanese from learning about the way Japanese society works. Now, by examining the underlying meaning of more than 200 key words and expressions, this comprehensive guide provides a unique insight into the thought and culture of contemporary Japan.

For example, the Japanese use the word giri to encapsulate the web of obligations that structure life in Japan. But in what situations should you write shimatsu sho (letter of apology)? How does burei ko allow you to get beyond the restraints of Japanese etiquette? And should you be shocked to hear "hara wo misemasu" (I'll show you my stomach)?

This is an ideal introduction to Japanese thought and culture, and a practical guide, both for anticipating Japanese behavior and avoiding cultural faux pas. it is the ideal companion for anyone with an interest - personal, business or travel - in Japan.

Paperback book, 394 pages