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Travessia Portuguese Program

Travessia Portuguese Program

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Textbooks, Workbooks Course in Brazilian Portuguese

Using a communicative approach, Travessia is a video-based course for the teaching of Portuguese and Brazilian culture. This material serves as the nucleus for a two-year course in Portuguese. However, the video component is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Grammar is presented schematically, with graphics, and contextually, through dramatic skits emphasizing a particular grammatical concept. The videos contain grammar, cultural sections, short documentaries, skits, music videos, and a full-length teledrama, "De Pernas Pro Ar," with specific instructions on its use in the course.

This course consists of the following 4 items:

Textbook Part 1
Units 1 - 6

Textbook Part 2
Units 7- 12

Workbook Part 1
Units 1 - 6

Workbook Part 2
Units 7- 12



This course is intended for two-year college level classroom learning. Part 1 represents the first year of study; Part 2 the second year's study.

This course can be used by self-study individuals, although some of the exercises of interacting with other students will obviously not apply.

This course was developed for use with a video component. The video part is no longer available. It has been discontinued by the publisher.

The textbooks and workbooks refer to the video - and the video is NOT INCLUDED.