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Tune Up Your Spanish

Tune Up Your Spanish

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The Top 10 Ways to Improve your Spoken Spanish

If you are among the many people who studied Spanish in high school, college, or even beyond but still get stuck when it comes to actually speaking the language, this book is for you. Tune Up Your Spanish will help you refresh and build on what you already know and give you the confidence to put it into practice

By demonstrating the connection between spoken language, body language, sound, and ways of thinking, Tune Up Your Spanish takes you beyond basic grammar to help you find your Spanish voice and - agarrar la onda - get with it (literally, "catch the sound wave.")

Structured around ten "Tune Ups," this fun, informative, and highly effective book provides:

  • Practical and realistic advice for improving spoken Spanish
  • Over 100 "Top Ten" lists of key Spanish phrases and expressions
  • Interjections, vocal noises, and physical gestures that make the most of nonverbal communication
  • An understanding of the reductions and linking that occur in Spanish when spoken at a natural speed
  • Essential phrases for venting emotion, sharing enthusiasm, and expressing irony
  • Cultural guidance for rules of courtesy
  • Practical language for everything from saving money in a restaurant to resolving problems in a hotel to starting a conversation or a relationship
  • An overview of regional variations from expressions to festivities to food
  • Preview questions and review exercises for each chapter and an answer key

This book will add confidence and flair to your Spanish. You will discover the perfect expression for any situation and gain essential insights on eating and drinking, shopping, humor, travel and cultural icons.

Also included is an audio CD that presents key phrases from throughout the book, tips on pronunciation and rhythm, and engaging audio exercises.

Paperback book, 326 pages plus Audio CD