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Teach Yourself Beginner's Chinese

Teach Yourself Beginner's Chinese

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An Easy Introduction

Do you really want to learn Chinese? Do classes terrify you and other coursebooks overwhelm you? Then Teach Yourself Beginner's Chinese is for you!

This is a friendly introduction to Chinese that's easy to work your way through. It's written in two parts: the first teaches you the basic grammar you'll need, with lively dialogues, explanations and vocabulary. In the second you will be introduced to the character systems, and move on to practicing what you have learned in a range of real-life situations. Beginner's Chinese is ideal for you.

  • Everything is explained in simple English
  • There are hints throughout that make learning Chinese easy
  • What you learn if useful right from the start
  • Key words are listed in the back of the book
  • Basic Chinese characters are introduced in an accessible way.

Other important features of this course are:

  • Lively dialogues and exercises
  • A helpful pronunciation section
  • Manageable lists of practical vocabulary
  • A glossary of grammar terms
  • Hints on how to make learning easy
  • Fascinating language and cultural information
  • Accompanying dialogue recordings on CD

This course will teach you to understand and speak Chinese sufficiently well to function effectively in basic everyday situations, both business and social.

Book plus 2 Audio CDs