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Teach Yourself Instant Japanese

Teach Yourself Instant Japanese

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Goal: Vacation and Business Basics

In a hurry to learn Japanese? Well, here's the solution for you. Just spend 45 minutes a day for 6 weeks and you'll speak enough Japanese to get you through a vacation or business trip.

Teach Yourself Instant Japanese will get you speaking from day one. Cut out frills and boredom and concentrate on the essentials. Follow this simple 6-week course and get the most out of your visit to Japan.

This "barebones" approach will teach you about 500 words with which you can say nearly everything you need to say. No ghastly grammar - just a few useful tips. No time wasting phrases - not even the need to be perfect. Just basic Japanese so you can understand and be understood.

Softcover book, 110 pages with 1 70-minute Audio CD.