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Teach Yourself Complete Italian with Audio CDs

Teach Yourself Complete Italian with Audio CDs

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A Complete Course for Beginners

It's easy to teach yourself Italian!

Complete Italian provides you with a clear and comprehensive approach to Italian, so you can progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking, and writing Italian with confidence.

Within each of the 25 thematic chapters, important language structures are introduced through life-like dialogues. You'll learn grammar in a gradual manner so you won't be overwhelmed by this tricky subject. Exercises accompany the texts and reinforce learning in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

This program also features current cultural information boxes that reflect recent changes in society.

The accompanying audio CDs include audio exercises--performed by native speakers--that reinforce communicative skills.

You can also visit a website for tests, extension articles and a vibrant community of like-minded learners. And if you don't have much time, don't worry--this book gives you one-, five-, and 10-minute bites of learning to get you started.

Table of contents
01 Excuse me!
02 Out and about in town
03 What’s your name?
04 How much is it?
05 The interview
06 At the station
07 At the restaurant
08 At the hotel
09 On the phone
10 Work and spare time
11 Daily necessities and preferences
12 I’m looking for accommodation
13 Everyday life
14 I’d like some information
15 What did you do today?
16 Do you like traveling?
17 So many things to do!
18 What present to give?
19 Study and work
20 How do you feel?
21 Plans: holidays, music, art
22 Then and now
23 No need to be polite!
24 Do you need any help?
25 Exchange of opinions
Taking it further
Testing yourself
Key to the exercises
Key to the tests
Glossary of grammatical terms
Italian-English vocabulary
English-Italian vocabulary
Grammar index

Biographical note
Lydia Vellacio and Maurice Elston have between them considerable experience of teaching Italian in secondary, further, adult and higher education. They are also coauthors of Buongiorno Italia and Let's talk Italian.

Paperback Book, 528 pages, 2 70-minute Audio CDs, and online content to extend your learning