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Teach Yourself Complete Nepali

Teach Yourself Complete Nepali

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Book with 2 Audio CDs plus ONLINE content

It's easy to teach yourself Nepali!

Complete Nepali with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide provides you with a clear and comprehensive approach to Nepali, so you can progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking, and writing Nepali with confidence.

Within each of the 24 thematic chapters, important language structures are introduced through life-like dialogues. You'll learn grammar in a gradual manner so you won't be overwhelmed by this tricky subject. Exercises accompany the texts and reinforce learning in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This program also features current cultural information boxes that reflect recent changes in society.

The accompanying audio CDs include audio exercises--performed by native speakers--that reinforce communicative skills.

Table of contents:
Introduction/The Nepali script and sound system/Are you Bindi?/How far is it to Kathmandu?/How many?/Whose is it?/What do you do?/Give me 25 rupees/The best/I came yesterday/I’ll go when I’ve eaten/In the market/It seems fine to me/Where has he gone?/Dear Raju/If it rains.../I’ll go next year/What should I do?/You’re not allowed in/I can learn Nepali/At the doctor’s/The map of Nepal/I used to smoke/Shall I make tea?/If he’d taken the medicine.../If that’s how it is.../Appendices: cardinal numbers; kinship terms/Key to the exercises/Nepali-English glossary/English-Nepali glossary

Book with 2 Audio CDs