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Teach Yourself Polish Conversation

Teach Yourself Polish Conversation

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Talk Easily in Everyday Situations

A fun and practical way to develop and improve conversation skills in a new language

This audio-based language series from Teach Yourself is an entertaining, non-intimidating way for you to build conversational proficiency or brush up on your skills. Ten common situations--such as buying food and drink, shopping, asking for directions, and visiting locals--are each represented by two sample conversations to show readers how language is used in daily life. With simple and bite-size explanations and instructions, you will easily gain confidence in conversation skills.

  • Do you want to talk with confidence?
  • Are you looking for basic conversation skills?
  • Do you want to understand what people say to you?

Polish Conversation is a three-hour, all-audio course that you can use at any time, whether you want a quick refresher before a trip or whether you are a complete beginner. The 20 dialogues on CDs 1 and 2 will teach you the Polish you will need to speak and understand, without getting bogged down with grammar. CD 3, uniquely, teaches skills for listening and understanding. This is the perfect accompaniment to Polish in the teach yourself range.

Joanna Michalak-Gray is an experienced teacher of Polish to English-speaking students from all walks of life, and since 1993 has been a high-school examiner.